The Tales From The Building Site

Here is a library of the stories, told by builders.

Our writers put them on the paper, or should we say on the screen of their computers and gladly shared the tales with us and gave us their permission to share them with you, good people. Mostly it is a pure truth, how else might it be! All builders say truth only, well, may be just a bit made up, only for making tale more exciting. Everything for you, dear readers.

So take your time, relax and read. You won't be disappointed, we are certain on this point.

Do not forget to come back in a few days as we always try to publish a new tale. After reading you can send us your thoughts about it. Just use a button on the bottom of the page.

Please, send us an email via the form with your thoughts about our work. At the same time you can share your experience with unexplainable, if you want us to write a story about it (if you agree).